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ICC Group is happy to share that in recent Independent lab tests, Pavix was shown to reduce the effects of Alkaline Silica Reaction (ASR) when sprayed topically, by 23% !!!

Compare this to a commonly used Silane, THEY WILL NOT COMPARE.

What does this mean for you?

This means that NOT only -

…are you protecting concrete from water and moisture ingress.

…are you protecting against de-icing agents and contaminants.

…are you helping prevent to eliminate pop-outs.

…are you keeping concrete cleaner, whiter, brighter.

…are you using a 100% GREEN product.

…are you drying in approximately an hour.

…are you only applying ONCE.

…are you protecting your investment.

…But NOW, you have ASR protection with CONTINUED independent lab testing of ASTM-C1567, when spraying in a normal topical fashion.


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