Frequently asked questions

How is Yufix applied?

Yufix can be applied to a dry or slightly damp surface using an airless or low pressure sprayer.

Is Yufix a silane or siloxane?

NO. Yufix’s patented dual crystalline technology penetrates into the surface and reacts with the CO2 in the atmosphere to become an integral part of the concrete or masonry substrate.

Will Yufix eliminate efflorescence?

YES. With a single application, Yufix will help stop efflorescence when subjected to several moisture events.

Is Yufix harmful to the environment?

NO. Yufix is 100% Green and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and can be used in environmentally sensitive areas. 100% green technology

Can Yufix be applied to different surfaces other than concrete?

YES. Yufix can treat surfaces such as masonry, concrete block, stucco, limestone, granite and marble. Click here for examples.

Will Yufix alter the color on concrete or masonry surfaces?

NO. Yufix is formulated to protect concrete and masonry surfaces in one application without altering the color or appearance of the surface.

How long will Yufix last?

The dual crystalline technology is long term and will remain embedded in the substrate for as long as the treated substrate is intact.

Will Yufix freeze?

YES. Ambient and surface temperatures must be 40°F and rising.

Does Yufix protect reinforcing steel?

YES. Yufix by preventing the intrusion of water, chlorides and other contaminants from entering the substrate, will add longevity and prevent corrosive effects.

When is the ideal time to apply Yufix?

Yufix is designed to be applied to concrete surfaces that are a minimum of 7 days or older.