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What is Stainix?

Stainix is a unique, 2 component stain & waterproofing sealer. It is available in 8 decorative colors which will enhance the appearance of the concrete surface.

Are the 8 colors UV stable?

YES. All 8 colors have been independent lab tested for UV stability.

Is Stainix easy to apply?

YES. With a single application, Stainix can be simply applied by using a pump up or airless sprayer.

Is Stainix harmful to the environment?

NO. Stainix is 100% Green and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC), environmentally safe, non-toxic and odorless. 100% Green Technology

Where can Stainix be applied?

Stainix can be applied on any concrete surface such as driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and tilt-up panels.

What is the correct mixing procedure for EXTERIOR applications?

Mix 1 gallon of Pavix CCC100 (Part A) to 16 oz. bottle of pigment of choice (Part B).

What is the correct mixing procedure for INTERIOR applications?

Mix 1 gallon of Sofix CCC100 (Part A) to 16 oz. bottle of pigment of choice (Part B).

How long will Stainix last?

The dual crystalline technology is long term and will remain embedded in the substrate for as long as the treated substrate is intact.

Does Stainix need to be sealed?

For exterior applications, Stainix does not need to be sealed with an acrylic sealer. However, if you chose to enhance the color, Chem-Crete 30WB or Chem-Crete 14WB can be used.

What is the coverage rate of Stainix?

Coverage rate is approximately 175 ft² - 225 ft² per gallon.

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