Frequently asked questions

How is Sofix applied?

Application can be applied by low pressure or airless sprayer, roller, stiff nylon broom or squeegee.

How much moisture & vapor transmission can Sofix block?

Sofix can control up to 10 lbs/1000ft²/24 hours.

Can Sofix bridge small hairline cracks?

Sofix penetrates and will seal cracks up to 1/16th inch.

Is Sofix harmful to the environment?

NO. Sofix is 100% Green and will have no adverse effects on areas such as tunnels, swimming pools, basements & foundation walls. 100% Green Technology

Can Sofix be applied to different surfaces other than concrete?

YES. Sofix can treat surfaces such as concrete block, masonry, mortar plaster, stucco & terrazzo. Click here for examples.

What is the appearance of Sofix?

Sofix is clear & odorless material that preserves and waterproofs without any surface film or color change.

Does Sofix impede the adhesion of secondary coatings?

NO. Sofix increases the adhesion properties of floor coverings, paints, epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

When is the ideal time to apply Sofix?

Sofix is designed to be applied to concrete surfaces that are a minimum of 7 days or older.

How long will Sofix last?

The Sofix technology is long term and will remain embedded in the substrate for as long as the treated substrate is intact.

Is Sofix toxic?

NO. The dual crystalline technology contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC), thus allowing Sofix to be used in sensitive areas.