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chem crete pavix

PavixCCC100 is patented dual crystalline waterproofing product that has been proven to penetrate into the sur­face of cured concrete to fill and seal pores and capillary voids, and cracks up to 1/16” creating a permanent protective zone within the concrete sub­strate.

Because of this technology’s unique and continuously active characteristics, your structure will self cleanse each time there is a rain event making it appear cleaner as it ages.

chem crete stainix

Chem-Crete StainiX is a unique, water based, two component stain and waterproofing sealer. It is available in eight decorative colors, which will enhance the appearance of the concrete surface. StainiX can be used on any concrete or cementitious item or structure


Buildings • Bridges • Wall • Floors • Decks • Driveways  

Parking lots • Seating areas  Water features • Barriers

chem crete yufix

Chem-Crete YufiX CCC1000 is formulated to protect dense concrete and masonry surfaces in one application, without altering the color or textural appearance of the surface.

chem crete sofix

Chem-Crete SofiX CCC100 is a unique water based blend of catalyzed chemicals that permanently eliminate moisture transmission through concrete structures up to 10lbs. 

Concrete Floors • Foundations and Slabs • Industrial Plants 

Subway Tunnels • Mold Abatement

chem crete asp

Chem-Crete ASP-WB30 is a water-based penetrating sealer and internal treatment for asphalt pavements. It results in a significant increase in the stability and the resistance to deformation of asphalt pavements as it also keeps treated pavements internally dry, thus eliminates all water and moisture associated problems. Therefore, it prolongs the life span of the asphalt pavements and dramatically reduces maintenance costs.

chem crete conclean

Chem-Crete Conclean CCC060 is a multi-purpose, penetrating, biodegradable, and water-soluble detergent and degreasing agent. It's formulated to clean concrete, metal surfaces, vinyl floors, marble, granite, limestone and many other substrates. 

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