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The incredible product Pavix has so many positive characteristics when it comes to concrete protection.  One of these characteristics is the fact that Pavix cleans and beautifies concrete substrates.  The photos below are proof positive of this.  If the main reason for...

March 2, 2017

…Recently ICC secured a six drum order of Pavix for a large national/international manufacturer.

This Mfg. was losing the top of the concrete where new (off the line) equipment was being parked.

Due to the need to run and operate the units post manufacturing and as a res...

December 1, 2016

One of the primary benefits of the Crystal Technology is its ability to seal hairline cracks up to 1/16th inch as this picture illustrates.  Using a Crack Comparator, this crack was approximately .010” in width. Pavix CCC100 was sprayed directly over the crack with abo...

November 1, 2016

…TCA. Tilt-Up Concrete Association convention, in Denver, Colorado.

As you are aware, ICC participated last month with a booth at this years’ TCA Convention in Denver. Attendees ranged from Contractors, to Engineering firms, Architects and industry Laymen. A booming sid...