A unique, patented, dual crystalline, penetrating product that provides superior protection of on-grade concrete and masonry substrates.

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We have owned our home since 1979 and have ALWAYS struggled with dampness and seeping blocks on the Northeast side of the basement. From the floor to 6 feet up has always been damp to the touch and a bit wet during the Spring time and during times of significant rains. We have tried many different solutions over the past 3 decades, but to no avail. However, within 1 week of the application of Pavix, we can already feel and notice a significant difference! We painted 3 weeks ago and for the first time the paint is NOT bubbling up and showing signs of moisture! We are truly beyond words and so grateful to finally have the use of our basement in a way never before considered. We are making plans to finish it and remove the dehumidifier! Our humidifier is no longer getting the gallon a day average.. we are not even getting a gallon per week. So, our thanks for the opportunity to utilize this in our home! Thank you for giving us more square feet of usable space!


Dave & Kathy

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